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What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese healing and balancing modality, where universal life force energy is transferred from the palm of the practitioner into the client to restore physical, mental and emotional balance.

  1. Reiki energy does NOT act on the body, the clients’ natural healing process will use the Reiki to recalibrate and heal itself.

  2. Reiki treatments can be given to anyone no matter what life stage or level of health or illness.

  3. It can be used in conjunction with any western or alternative therapies and an diagnosis is NOT required.

  4. Clients can have Reiki essentially “switched on” temporarily, which allows them to join a Reiki share/group meditation and explore the benefits for themselves.

  5. Once a student has been attuned to Reiki, they can use it for self-healing and healing others and it lasts a lifetime!

5 Amazing Reiki Facts:


In the fast-paced world we live in, Reiki is the perfect tool to have at your disposal.  Of course there are many other amazing and natural healing modalities, but what is more readily available than your hands and your unrivalled intention of pure love and healing?


It's such a simple and accessible practice that many take Reiki for granted but don't be fooled, Reiki is an incredibly powerful tool that works on all levels. Plus, like everything in life, experience is where your real learning and growth comes from.  


“The more you put in the more you get out.”

What are the levels of Reiki?

There are three levels of Reiki you can learn, followed by teacher training. The LEVEL ONE workshop is all you need for self-healing and healing others. The further levels do not increase Reiki flow, but provide more tools and techniques for directing the Reiki. 


Since the pandemic began, I wanted to offer something flexible for those wanting to learn Reiki from home, and therefore created a comprehensive online course with live sessions carried out by me for both Reiki 1 and 2.

However now the borders of Bali are once again open, if you’re considering a trip, even better! You can join one of my Reiki workshops in-person on the “Island of the Gods”.

Feel free to email me here if you have any questions regarding studying Reiki at Positive Impact.


The Reiki level 1 workshop is a comprehensive programme spread across two days, with a balance between theory, discussion and practical hands-on techniques.


During the workshop you will receive four attunements that activate lifelong Reiki (universal energy flow) in your hands for self-healing, healing others and first aid.

Participants learn about the chakra system, chakra balancing, healing Reki techniques and intuitive scanning.   


The workshop in itself is an extensive 2-day healing experience, and a wonderful way to take your health and personal development to the next level.


Everybody can be attuned to Reiki.


Reiki Level 2 can be taken around two months after Reiki 1, since this period gives you an important opportunity to practice Reiki and ensure your energy is high.

Unlike Reiki Level 1, this progressive workshop requires more mental energy. As a result, it can be draining for those who have not been consistently using their Reiki for self-healing.

In a Reiki level 2 workshop, one attunement is given, and three Reiki symbols are taught.

These additional tools in your Reiki toolbox are used to enhance and empower your Reiki, as well as enable you to harmonise places and people. This allows you to send Reiki to specific situations and to help heal relationships. 

You can also perform distant healing by sending Reiki to those who are not in the same geographical location as you.



Reiki Level 3 is for students that want to advance their Reiki practice and/or as a prelude to the Master Teacher Training. 


The workshop consists of more in-depth discussions relating to how you've integrated Reiki into your life and the ethics of Reiki healing. There is a detailed recap of levels 1 and 2 and the Masters Symbol is taught.


Participants receive the Masters attunement, which raises your vibration so you can perform the heart attunement and develop a deeper understanding of your own power. 


The Masters Symbol is also known as the symbol of transformation. It's power can lead to big leaps in personal development and major shifts in awareness. 

KIDs, tweens & TEENS  

Reiki is fantastic for young children, tweens and teens.  For kids aged 7 to 12 we offer a one-day programme and for 12 to teens a two-day programme.   

Important: Before you kids can learn a close family member or caregiver must also be attuned to Reiki.

  • Promotes balance between the internal and external environment

  • Calms anxieties, phobias and fears

  • Enhances relaxation and sleep

  • Encourages self-awareness and empathy 

  • Improves concentration, clarity and focus 

  • First aid tool to help heal injuries and pain and help others 

  • Assists treatment of obsessive compulsions, addictions and depression

Reiki for kids in Bali

What's it like to study Reiki at Positive Impact?


Hear what others think about studying Reiki with Positive Impact



I joined Miki's Reiki 1 and had a really great time. She is very knowledgeable and made us all feel warm and welcome in her home.


The course was very interesting and easy to follow, I would definitely recommend anyone to do the Reiki 1 with her.  I continued to complete Reiki 2 with Miki. 

Reiki Testimonial Fabrice


Simple but yet, powerful keys !!!
Miki is passionate, straight to the point and shows you how things really work.

The learning environment was stunning and definitely contributed to this amazing experience. Looking forward to the next level.

Deb headshot.jpg


Wow, what a lovely few days spent with Miki - she’s so knowledgeable and passionate about Reiki and it’s a pleasure to be her student.


I have a new love for the healing power of Reiki and I’m so pleased to have done my level 1, looking forward to level 2 one day!

Learn Reiki Two Online Positive impact Reiki

What happens in a Reiki Workshop? 

“It wasn’t until 2 days with Miki from Positive Impact, that I finally lay aside excuses, and began to consider (and prioritise) my spiritual self.”

Continue to read the first-hand experience from one of my Reiki 1 students here.

requirements & course fees

  • Standard Duration: 2 days / 9am - 4pm (other options available on request)

  • Location: Pererenan, Bali (North Canggu)

  • Investment:

    • Kids Reiki Starting from rp 1,125,000

    • Reiki 1 & 3 starting from rp 3,250,000 

    • Reiki 3 starting from rp 4,500,000

  • Payment method: Cash, Paypal or bank transfer

  • Includes: Training manual, certificate, lunch, snacks and drinks

Study Reiki at Home 


Struggling to find the time or space to dedicate time to your own self-healing? Perhaps you’re a full-time Mum? Progressing in your career? Unable to juggle everything while still looking after yourself?


I have a solution for you…


Have you ever thought about learning Reiki from home?

We all are comfortable signing up to courses that help develop our professional selves, but why not our spiritual selves? These are the skills that last a lifetime, and serve every area of our lives.

Benefits of Learning Reiki at Home

  • Here are some of the benefits of partaking in a Reiki course from home:

  • Gain access to a supportive community of like-minded Reiki practitioners wordwide

  • Get one-to-one call time with myself (an experienced Reiki master, having taught over 200 students worldwide)

  • Flexible enough to organise around your schedule

  • Access learning material at any time 

  • Bring a friend along and study together

  • Get your burning questions answered at any time

  • Experience the ultimate form of self-care, improve your sleep and feel rejuvenated after some much-needed rest

requirements & course fees 

  • Standard Duration: Flexible, but estimated 4 days / 2 hours a day

  • Location: Anywhere in the world with an internet connection

  • Investment:

    • Starting from rp 2,000,000

  • Payment method: Paypal, Stripe or bank transfer

  • Includes: Lifetime access to learning material, flexible online training programme, and virtual certificate


Prefer to join a group of like-hearted individuals and commit to a scheduled daily practice amongst other Reiki practitioners of all levels? During the pandemic I decided to create a healing programme that enabled Positive Impact alumni and Reiki newbies alike to connect online and learn, heal, and grow together.


Click here to see what’s going on at the Positive Impact Academy.

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