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In Bali & Online 

Alongside a passion for Reiki energy healing, we at Positive Impact have also developed a deep understanding and comprehensive practice in traditional Tantra Hatha yoga.

Just like Reiki, it can be used for deep healing and is incredibly nourishing and transformative, even if practiced from a distance (online) with the support of an experienced teacher.

What is Hatha Yoga? 

HATHA is a general term that refers to an ancient style of yoga, which became popular in India before spreading to the West. It relates to any type of yoga that pairs poses (asana) with breathing techniques (pranayama). The most popular styles of Yoga, including “Ashtanga”, “Vinyasa”, “Restorative”, etc. all fall under the umbrella of HATHA.

The Positive Impact practice is specialised in Traditonal TANTRA HATHA YOGA, which works with a slower approach to asana encouraging participants to focus on mental clarity, deepening their connection between body and mind by utilising other yogic tools such as mudras, bandhas, meditations, visualisations and breathing techniques.


Read on to find out more about the general benefits of HATHA, and what exactly is TANTRA Hatha Yoga.



I love my weekly moon yoga classes with Miki. I like that each week we do a new routine, so I do not get bored. I am stretched and challenged at the same time. Miki has a very calming personality. I leave feeling calm, and about 10cm taller. Thanks Miki!

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Mikis Yoga is regenerative. She teaches much more then asanas, brings us back to the roots of breathing, conscious physical movement and meditation. Miki''s Yoga classes are a out for the soul. The mind coming to.stillness in a happy body.

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I am so happy to have Miki as my yoga teacher, I really enjoy her lessons, they make me feel so good! Since I have back problems I thought yoga is not for me but the way Miki does the class I always feel so good! Thanks to you I love yoga!!!


  1. The sanskrit word “Hatha” literally translates as “force” or “stubborn”, since it’s regarded as a strict and dedicated practice that excludes the 5 senses and the mind (distractions)

  2. It is an ANCIENT practice, grown out of yogic traditions that date as far back as Pantajali (2nd century BCE)

  3. Some teachers, including myself, will explain Hatha as Ha (sun) + Tha (moon) since it helps to purify our solar and lunar channels - a purification of the body, which leads to a purification of the mind

  4. Countless physical benefits include:

    • An improvement in joint mobility and the flexibility in connective tissues; a speeding up of your metabolism and of cell regeneration and repair; stimulation of the lymphatic system, and a general improvement in the function of ALL body systems, energy levels, heart and lung function; plus it provides balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

  5. Countless mental benefits include:

    • A calming down of the senses; improved concentration; sharpened focus; more balanced emotions; plus it helps relieve anxiety or depression, removes mental fatigue, stimulates creativity, and improves our ability to learn and acquire new information

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What is Tantra Hatha Yoga?

The practice of traditional tantra hatha yoga incorporating asana (bodily shapes), pranayama (breath work) and meditation (quiet time).  The tantra method has been developed over 1000s of years.

  • Moon = calm mind & steady body

  • Sun =  build prana (energy power)  

  • Fire = burn blockages so we can explore higher consciousness.





Moon practice is the foundation for all Tantric Hatha practices. It is designed to facilitate steadiness in the body and calmness in the mind, two essential ingredients to further practice and the ultimate goal of living yoga in your daily life.  


The asanas comprise of standing,  forward

folds and gentle twists, longer holds, and lengthening of the exhalation.  The result is a deep impact of the parasympathetic nervous system and a still and calm mind.


Pranayamas (breathing techniques) are designed to balance the hemispheres of the brain and evoke still thoughts and the guided meditations build on the practice.   


Moon practices are the perfect antidote for todays busy lifestyles.  Practiced at any time of the day they are suitable and essential for everyone.





Sun practice is more dynamic than moon, it helps cultivate the power and force we need to excel while still keeping us sensitive to more subtle forces of nature. 


Building prana in the heart space is key to increasing our energy, our capabilities and love in our lives..


Increasing the exhalation, back bending, lateral and moving dynamically are the key ingredients in the solar practice. 


Bandhas and mudras are used more liberally to increase radiance and contain prana within the human and energetic body.


As with all Tantric practice, the moon must be present.








Fire practice cultivates internal heat focused in the navel.  This fire is designed to eliminate restrictions and patterns, from present and past karma to create the space and to call forth the dormant power in the spine - the kundalini.


All asana categories are included in this practice but a more deliberate and deeper work with the Bandhas and Mudras used. 


The physical challenge does increase with the inclusion of inversions in fire practice but the main emphasis is building heat in the navel and energy in the spine to ignite the radiant power of the soul. 


This practice is suitable if you are feeling physically and mentally balanced and you are ready to embrace transformation.  


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