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Holistic RETREATS 

Why Go On Retreat?

  • It is an immersive one-in-a-lifetime experience - there is no eperience like it

  • Stop trying to depend solely on self-discipline, instead enjoy motivation from those around you

  • Meet like-minded, like-hearted people, seeking the same experience (and likely gain friends for life)

  • Enjoy the healing benefits of being in the vicinity of nature and resorative heat and sunlight

  • Escape your daily routine and gain some perspective away from “home”

  • Let yourself truly relax with every meal and every activity planned

why retreat with Positive impact?  


What’s an executive retreat?

An executive retreat is a place where corporate workers and/or leaders can get OUT of the office and work through company problems, discuss progress and set goals.


They are often used at a critical point in the company’s trajectory and provide the most optimal time for the team to recharge, build relationships, collaborate and brainstorm.


What’s a personal retreat?

A personal retreat allows individual to take time out from day-to-day life to restore health, reconnect with soul purpose and reset goals and aspirations.

Womens, men's or mixed retreats available and designed with various themes based on wellness objectives. 



What’s a family retreat?

A family retreat will provide a range of wonderful experiences to suit all members of the family,

Adult experiences for health and wellness and bespoke optnios for children of all ages. 

Accommodation bookings, transport and taliormade packages to suit all budgets. 


Why Book a Retreat?


Nature is set up for cycles of “effectiveness” with seasons of work and rest. Even the land requires a period of inactivity (rest) in order for it to regain a fertile state for the next growth season.

Retreats allow you to disconnect: to step back, digitally detox and refresh. 



In the busy and overstimulated world we live in - both at home and at work - a retreat opens space for fresh ideas and clarity. 

Stepping back allows fresh perspectives. internal reflections and clarity for decision making. 

Incorporating different aspects of living mindfully and intentionally through a lens of curiosity, contemplation and self-awareness. 

Womens Retreat Bali.png


Freed from the daily stresses of day to day life, you are more likely to have new insights into old problems and flashes of inspiration to move your work life or personal life forward.

Spending time in nature gives the 'thinking brain' rest and creates space for new ideas. Studies have also shown that spending time in nature lowers blood pressure and stress hormone levels, increases self-esteem, reduces anxiety, and improves mood.



Taking time to nourish the mind, body and spirit with good food and holistic activities allows space for gratitude. 


This remembrance and reflection is an integral part of individuals showing the best version of themselves every day, whether that's in the workplace fo for family and friends. 


Gratitude increases emotional intelligence and empathy, harnessing great team players and mindful parents. 

Getting Grateful in Bali.jpg


Looking to plan a family or group trip to Bali? And experience something rejuvenating and inspiring with those you love? Do you often chat with your friends about doing a retreat together, but you can’t find one that suits you all?


Whether you’re looking for a digital detox combined with daily activities that connect you to nature, or to fully delve into the spiritual activities to be experienced in Bali and explore various holistic healing modalities, we can help you plan your ideal retreat!


Located in Bali we partner with the very best venues in various locations to suit your budget and travel requirements. 


We’ve been based in Bali for the last decade and have therefore established connections with experts from all over the world, specialising in natural and powerful healing modalities such as Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Nutrition, Sound Healing, Life Coaching and many more.


Plus, we are a group of adventurous and fun-loving souls, who will greatly enjoy introducing your group to the best cultural, creative, adventurous and fun activities on the island. Anything from first-time surf lessons and hikes up active volcanos, to cleansing Balinese ceremonies and classes in traditional Indonesian crafts.


Bali has so much to offer, therefore it can be hard to know where to start.

(Just finding a villa can be a daunting and an extremely time-consuming process, as well as finding the right transport, activities and adventures to keep the whole group happy).


Let us help you discover the very best of Bali, and take care of the hard parts of holiday planning.


Simply get in touch with your ideas and we’ll take it from there.

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