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Driven by a love of nature and a passion for people I have travelled the world living in five countries across three continents to finally settle in Bali, Indonesia.


Born in the UK my career started in advertising heydey of the 1990s.  London provided the best partying scene for a girl fresh out of university but after four years I knew it was time to get out and fulfill my desire to travel.  I quit my job and set off with a backpack on an adventure for a year travelling through South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Cuba. The primary objective of my trip was to set up an eco-tourism resort in Cuba.


I accomplished my mission by making it to Cuba but as much as I loved it there I knew I had fallen for Australia. So after a quick four week stop back in the UK I gathered my belongings and headed back to Sydney where I slipped back into the advertising world, and the partying lifestyle I’d been accustomed to in the UK. I knew deep down that this lifestyle wasn't sustainable and things had to change, something was shifting.


I started taking more care of myself and explored a range of healing modalities including, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, acupuncture, homeopathy and many more.  I was privileged to be taught by some amazing holistic teachers, predominantly Hatha and Ki yoga but also, meditation, macrobiotic counselling and quantum self-development.  As I explored and discovered a more spiritual way of life my mindset changed and new love and new career opportunities presented themselves. I started working in the environmental sector and found a wonderful husband.


After my first child was born I launched my own business, Positive Impact - a sustainable merchandise company.  My aim was to provide businesses and organisations with smarter, more environmentally conscious options for events, corporate gifts and promotions.  


Two years later my second child was born and feeling settled we purchased our dream house in the Northern Beaches in Sydney. But as you may have discovered in your life as soon as you feel settled something tends to happen to shake things up. My husbands travel got more demanding so we knew we had to move to Asia.  And so after 12 years in Sydney and with a heavy heart, we relocated to Singapore.


It was around that time of transition that I started to have panic attacks on flights. This had never happened to me before and I hated the feeling of not being in control.  I wanted to know why this was happening to me, I was not scared of flying but every time I got on a plane it would happen. Something had triggered the attacks and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life taking prescription drugs every time I got on a plane.   I spoke with a friend who suggested Reiki might be able to help me.


I booked in for the three recommended treatments and really enjoyed the experience.  During the treatments I slipped easily into a meditative state, a similar feeling to the Shavasana (lying down) at the end of a really good yoga class, drifting and letting go, the Reiki made me feel relaxed and calm.


I started going to Reiki shares where I would give and receive Reiki and the more I experienced Reiki the more I was intrigued. It was so simple and so effective. I  wanted to know more and learn the self-healing tool for myself.


I joined a Reiki One worksop and the benefits were immediate.  The practical side of Reiki was very appealing to me, it allowed me (the busy working mum) time to stop and heal myself every day.  To create the space for quiet meditative time, something I had previously struggled with. It also provided me with a first aid tool that proved very handy with my accident-prone kids.


Over the next four years, I trained through levels and completed my Masters teacher training with Elaine Grundy at The Reiki Centre Singapore, graduating as a Reiki teacher in 2016.  


During this time I had to put my sustainability business to the side and worked for a Fintech start-up company.  In 2017 the family was due to relocate again but this time back to the UK. As the move came closer my husband lost his job and we made the difficult decision to live apart for a year while he started a new business in Singapore.  I moved to the UK with my kids on my own. Needless to say, it was a challenging year. I transferred my job to the UK and worked most days from home but I had a newfound admiration for single parents. Needless to say, I do not think I could have or would have survived that year without Reiki.


After a year apart we knew we had to get the family back together.  I had always dreamed of sending my kids to The Green School Bali, so in January 2018  we had the perfect excuse.


Positive Impact is still alive, it has moved around the world with me, transforming and transitioning into the wellness business is it today.  I still offer marketing services to ethical businesses such as website development, eco-product sourcing and corporate retreats but my primary focus is to teach the healing modalities of Reiki and Traditional Tantra yoga.  For me they work hand in hand, they are one and the same, they complement and contrast but on a personal level deliver everything I need to navigate life.


I want to share the techniques and tools so people can release what no longer serves them and to create more balance and harmony in their lives.  I am still amazed at how a 2-day workshop or a regular yoga class can have such a big impact on a persons life and the people around them. Friends and family notice that you are more calm, that you handle stressful situations in a different way, that you bounce back from adversity with more vigor.  


So I choose to live this life as consciously and positively as possible. As you can tell from reading this it hasn’t always been that way, it's taken me 46 years to get here but what a ride it's been.


I know I cannot change the world on my own, but I can create ripples, small chain reactions that have a positive impact on the human connections I make and the planet I live on.  I hope you want to make ripples too.