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Private Yoga Class

  • Together we will practice traditional tantra hatha yoga in the comfort of your own home, or privately in my home studio space.

  • The practice will last for 60 minutes total.

  • I will incorporate asana (bodily shapes), pranayama (breath work), and meditation (quiet time).

  • You can either use your own yoga mat and blocks, or I can provide them.

  • The class usually flows roughly as 20 minutes initial meditation and pranayama preparation, followed by 20 minutes of yoga flow, finished with 20 minutes to slow down and enter a deep meditative state.

What a Private Yoga Class entails?

What is Tantra Hatha Yoga?

The tantra method of yoga has been developed over 1000s of years.


It consists of 3 major rhythms:



  • The foundation for all Tantric Hatha practices

  • Facilitates steadiness in the body and calmness in the mind

  • Essential to further your spiritual practice

  • Has a deep impact of the parasympathetic nervous system

  • The perfect antidote for todays busy lifestyles

  • Helps to achieve the ultimate goal of embodying yoga in your daily life

Calm mind & steady body


Build prana (energy power)
  • More dynamic than moon

  • Helps cultivate the power and force we need to excel

  • Equally it helps keep us sensitive to more subtle forces of nature

  • Bandhas and mudras are used more liberally to increase radiance and contain prana within the human and energetic body

  • We build prana in the heart space to increase our energy, our capabilities, and love in our lives

  • As with all Tantric practice, the Moon practice must still be present





Burn blockages so we can explore higher consciousness
  • Fire practice cultivates internal heat focused in the navel

  • Eliminates restrictions and patterns, from present and past karma

  • Creates space for the dormant power in the spine - the kundalini

  • Physicality increases with the inclusion of inversions

  • Suitable if you are feeling physically and mentally balanced and are ready to embrace transformation

  • As with all Tantric practice, the Moon practice must still be present


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