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Distance Reiki is a technique within the system of Reiki that enables me to give a Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space.   

Powerful and effective, I work on general healing and chakra balancing; alternatively I can send Reiki to a specific illness or injury, an emotional block or phobia.

how does distance healing work? 

Think of a mobile phone: it’s not necessary to be in physical proximity to a caller to talk, as phones use electromagnetic radio waves to connect with other phones. Similarly, Reiki recipients do not need to be in physical proximity to Reiki practitioners to receive Reiki.⁠


Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole.⁠

I practice a method where I use Reiki symbols to dial into your energetic system, and send the Reiki healing.⁠


We dial in at our specified time via Zoom or Skype, and I’ll explain more about the session. If you want to share what you are working on or a specific intention you absolutely can, there is no need to if you want to receive an overall boost.⁠

We switch off the camera so you can get comfortable, and I will send Reiki for the remaining time. We end the session with any questions or feedback.⁠

𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗲 I do not offer a diagnosis. I will share sensations or information, but my job is ultimately to send you universal life force we call Reiki: your mind, body, and spirit will use the Reiki as fuel to bring yourself into your natural state of being. ⁠

HOW MANY Sessions should I book?

Distance Reiki works the same as a physical treatment, sometimes even stronger.  Reiki is a universal life force and all you need to do is trust in the laws of nature. Your physical and energetic body will take the energy to where there is imbalance whether that be on a physical, mental or emotional level.  

Therefore I recommend at least 3 sessions to deepen your experience with the treatment and for profound healing to take place.  There are 3 options in terms of session length so I recommend 1 hour for the first and then you can decide the length for the following two sessions.  

why our clients love distance healing  



I have reoccurring back, shoulder and neck issues.  I run my own IT company and have I crazy busy schedule.


Whenever I start to feel my back getting bad I book in distance healing with Miki.  It works out really well as I can choose a time that suits me, often out of business hours and I get treated without leaving home. 


Ratna Headshot.jpeg


I am a busy mother from Sydney. I love booking distance Reiki as it gives me the flexibility to get treatments when my son is at school.  I don't have to travel and I can select my treatment time based on my day ahead.  

 Initially, I booked  the recommended 3 sessions and now I just top up as and when I feel my energy or my immunity slipping. 

Colin headshot .jpg


My wife and I live between Spain and England so it can be hard to book in with hands-on treatments so we opt to book in for a monthly Reiki sessions with Positive Impact.


Every time we receive the Reiki the effects are different.  Sometimes it's calm and relaxing and other times it's energy-boosting. But the consistent feeling is one of deep connection - it's really beautiful.  



We can also send distance Reiki healing to your beloved pets.  Distance healing can be a good option for animals who are not comfortable with strangers or too hyper to sit still in a strange environment.  And if your pet hates the vet, Reiki can be a great treatment to calm them down before or after a veterinary appointment.


The healing time is around 20 minutes so please book in for a 30-minute Distance Reiki Healing session to allow time to discuss your pet's needs before and after the treatment. 

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