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Positive Impact Academy

Learn Reiki Online

Holistic, energetic healing courses which can be completed anywhere in the world, lead by an experienced Reiki Master based in Bali, Indonesia

Come and check out our engaging and practical courses, which were created by long-time Reiki practitioner, Tantra Hatha yoga teacher, and advocate for holistic healing, Miki Massey. All our courses are designed to inspire your practice and put your health back into your own hands, whether you are an advanced Reiki master or a full-time working Mum. We will empower you with a variety of wellbeing tools and techniques, plus the chance to connect with a vibrant international community of Reiki practitioners and like-hearted women to support you along the way.

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Are you in need of a
Reiki Recharge?

Learn Reiki online, connect with an international group of Reiki practitioners, enjoy distance healing, and practice Reiki techniques that work!

Enrollment to this programme is open NOW!

Charge Your Chakras  

Discover how the 16-Day Chakra Cleanse and Balance Programme can ignite your Reiki fire.

It will help you re-connect with a healing spiritual practice, listen deeply, and ultimately heal energetic imbalances in your chakra system.

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Read this testimony and see for yourself:

“Wow, what a lovely couple of weeks spent with Miki - she’s so knowledgeable and passionate about Reiki and it’s a pleasure to be her student. I have a new love for the healing power of Reiki”

This programme is meant to empower your Reiki practice with daily guided meditations, tools and techniques to heal each chakra, always with a focus on the healing modality of Reiki.


For this reason, the course is open to complete beginners to experienced Reiki practitioners. It is better if you are already attuned to Reiki (any level), however it is also possible to attend with no Reiki experience at all and I will provide temporary distance attunements for your time on the course.

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