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2 Days of Reiki 1 with Miki

It wasn’t until 2 days with Miki from Positive Impact, that I finally lay aside excuses, and began to consider (and prioritise) my spiritual self.

I have often struggled to find authenticity in this fast developing industry.

I have been tinkering with the keys of meditation for years - resting in awareness for 5 minutes at the end of a yoga class, enjoying an occasional sound bath with a friend, and at most staying disciplined for a few days in a row to sit down and quiet my mind. As mainstream media further their understanding of “mindfulness”, I have enjoyed trying to discern how my spiritual practice looks, and join the movement to a more collective consciousness. With that being said, like many others, occasionally I still sway into scepticism, and have often struggled to find authenticity in this fast developing industry.

Miki (and Positive Impact), came along just as I was settling back into Bali life, and therefore it seemed the perfect moment to set out on a more personal voyage at this transitional period. Bali was also an inspiration to this voyage: undoubtedly, it is one of the most fascinating spiritual places in the world, and the perfect place for a novice to better understand the spirituality inherent within us all. Even the Balinese have to find their own meaning behind religious culture here. Many greatly value the intrinsic link between religion and community, and this resonates largely with me also. Both are imperative to our overall wellness: that which goes beyond the confines of general health, and encompasses a positive outlook on mind, body, and soul. And this is exactly what 2 days of Reiki offered me: access to a community, access to the knowledge of a well-practiced Reiki master, and ultimately the incredible access to vitality (as Miki puts it, to experience your body in “full growth mode”). Miki ensured the 2 days attuning us to Reiki 1 were in a warm and safe environment, always touching her teachings with personal stories, which only encouraged us to share in the same way. The idea of experiencing fragile moments exploring a deep and personal interest with people you do not know, can be daunting, yet once we gathered in Miki’s naturally-lit, garden-surrounded, and cookie-scented living area on the first morning, all fear quietly slipped away.

To begin, we all shared our (in my case, non-existent) experience with Reiki, and what had brought us to the workshop - it became clear to me that timing was everything. Perhaps it’s the “law of attraction” working its energetic forces, but Miki says the right group always comes together at the right time. A mix of magic, logic, and science: once you have had a couple of hours with Miki, Reiki becomes comprehensible even for those in a disbelieving mindset. Although definitions of this divine force are easily debatable, I’ll give you mine: Reiki is essentially the energy of the universe, which (with attunement and practice) you can tune in to and transmit to others, without depleting your own energy. The body has an innate knowledge of how to heal itself, Reiki just boosts these abilities starting by placing the body in a deep state of relaxation. The energy can create balance where there is imbalance, and encourage healing in the areas of the body that are in a state of disharmony. Those being “treated” often fall into a deep and rejuvenating meditative state; those “treating” open their minds to experience a range of sensations; and those treating themselves, experience a beautiful marriage of the two. For me, one of the most fascinating attributes to Reiki is its ability to boost your immunity. The more you understand the energetic levels of the human body, the more you understand that in a fearful or stressful state, our energy de-centres (rushing to our limbs), and this is where it stops serving a very useful purpose - supporting our bodily systems and energising our immunity. Who knew? Mindfulness boosts immunity!

We also spoke largely about disease, or dis-ease as the conscious community refers to it. If Reiki serves any purpose for me personally, it is to stop the constant stream of questioning and doubt, and put my faith back in the divine universal energy. When we stop QUESTIONING EVERYTHING, our brains can relax, and we can begin to feel whole about the things that challenge us. Miki says this is one of the keys to healing - to feel whole about your insecurities, weaknesses, or illness - because if you resist, you remain stuck in dis-ease. Throughout a 2-day workshop (9am until 4pm), we went through 4 beautiful attunements to Reiki. Attunements are used to connect people to the energy frequency - they are totally calming and you feel so connected to the moment. They are almost ceremonial, and therefore quite precious, which fits beautifully with the energy of the island. Aside from the obvious spiritual and energetic side of the workshop, Miki is keen to share all her personal techniques and tips, only making the experience feel that much more valuable. She has an incredible portfolio of testaments to Reiki, and it is obvious her practice goes deep, being extremely knowledgeable on something so completely indefinable and intangible.

2 weeks on, and I am thoroughly enjoying my newly formed understanding of energy, with Reiki having changed my meditation practice for good: now I find it much easier to enter a deep state of relaxation, and have a newfound trust in my gut instinct. During the workshop Miki encouraged lots of practical experience, and I found opening up the conversation about our sensations so stimulating. Without sharing this learning experience alongside strangers, exploring various methods of use, and connecting to different energetic fields, a large dimension of my Reiki understanding would be missing entirely, and my wonderful “Reiki bubble” would be far less padded and supportive.

Therefore, in conclusion, what you can expect from 2 days of Reiki 1 with Miki, is the encouragement to go inwards, a new understanding of your energetic body and its purpose, and a very knowledgeable teacher with an admirably honest approach. Miki relays to us the wise words of her Reiki master on the first day:

It doesn’t matter who made the key, as long as it opens the door

So thank you Miki... for attracting this fantastic group; for sharing all your knowledge and experience with us like an open book; and for introducing us to the “key” of this beautiful energy force called Reiki. I’ll be sure to take it with me wherever I go.

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