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Designed to Inspire your Reiki Practice

The Reiki Recharge Programme has been designed to help you reconnect with your Reiki self-healing. Empower yourself with daily guided meditations, tools and techniques to heal each chakra. Scroll down yo read the FAQ.

The programme is the premier course on the new wellness school - Positive Impact Academy. The platform offers easy to navigate content and a seamless user experience. There is a members areas to share your experiences and connect with others around the world.

16-Day Chakra Cleanse & Balance

Cleanse, balance and restore your chakras back to their natural state of being with Reiki.

This course has been designed to get you back on track and help you reconnect with your Reiki self-healing. It can be easy to let your self-practice slide; life is busy, but we all know the positive impact that Reiki has if applied daily.

Every participant will start on the same day, resulting in lifetime support from a vibrant and like-minded community.


So what is it?

A 16-day online programme designed to Cleanse & Balance your chakras:

3 LIVE Reiki Rituals on zoom (including heart attunement, Q&A, and guided Reiki meditation) - Saturday 6th, 13th & Sunday 21st November

Every day a new 10 - 15 mins guided Reiki meditation is released - you can do it at a time that suits you

The focus changes every 2 days, e.g. Root chakra 2 days, then Sacral chakra 2 days, Solar Plexus chakra 2 days, etc.

Lots of additional tools, including reflection exercises, chakra cleansing recipes, yoga for your chakra, reiki techniques, and breathing exercises.

Who is it for?

Anyone who reads this and has been attuned to Reiki: from Level 1 to Master

Why should I join?

If you want to spring clean your chakra system and become balanced in mind, body, and spirit

If you want to re-establish your daily Reiki practice

If you want to create some ME time every day

If you want to meet a like-minded global Reiki community

If you want to go deeper in your personal and spiritual development

How much is it?

$95 USD

But for my first group ONLY I'm offering a discounted rate of $75

To claim, use the discount code: RECHARGEME

How do I sign up?

Head to the landing page HERE

Who is the teacher/ Reiki Master?

If you don’t know me already, here is a brief bio. My name is Miki and I am a Reiki Master and Tantra Hatha yoga teacher. I have personally trained over 100 Reiki students, both adults and children, across all three levels. I teach both in-person and online, plus organise regular meet-ups including Hatha yoga classes, Reiki Rituals and Circles, healing meditations, and lots more.

What time are the 3 LIVE Reiki Rituals on Zoom, and do I have to join them in person?

Saturday the 6th, 13th & Sunday 21st, at...

9am in the UK

5pm in Bali/Singapore

8pm in Sydney

You do not need to join live as the recording will be made available to you after the session, although I would recommend joining in order to get the most from the live experience. You will still receive a heart attunement by watching the recording, but if you want an individual attunement you can reach out to me directly.

What support will I get during the programme?

I have organised a members area on the Reiki Academy website, and I will encourage all participants to share their achievements and challenges in order to foster a supportive Reiki community that crosses continents.

I also will be personally (and privately) available to answer any questions you may have during the course. If you wish, you can book additional private distance healing sessions with me to support your healing objectives.

Is the website/content easy to navigate?

Yes, it's super easy to move through the videos, written content and activities. Check out this demo video here.

How long will the content be accessible for after the course finishes?

The content will be available for an additional week. You can revisit any of the meditations and/or ebooks until 14 November. I plan to run this programme every quarter so you'll be able to diarise 4 Reiki Recharges throughout the year.

How often will you run the Reiki Recharge programme?

I plan to run the programme every 3 months but the time zones might vary For example US/UK and Oz/Asia

If I have missed any of your questions please contact me directly. I'd be happy to hear from you!

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