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Change comes from within.  In today’s busy world, how often do you take the time to look inside?  

​For me, I always struggled to find the time and energy to commit to a daily practice until I discovered Reiki and Tantra Hatha yoga.  Now the days when I feel out of whack, are the days when I don’t make the time. 


​Both modalities provide a systematic and structured approach to achieve the same thing that can be said in many ways. I like to describe them as a process to skillfully and mindfully cultivate energy to balance, heal and empower.


My passion is to share these practical tools and techniques that have had a profound effect on my life, making me calmer, grounded and able to navigate life's bumps and humps with more ease and grace  - allowing me to be the best version of myself every day. 

I call myself a ripple maker because I hope my teachings start ripples of change - small energetic chain reactions that have a positive impact on my clients' well-being, their communities and ultimately the world we live in.

Let's make some ripples together.

Virtual Yoga Classes, Online Reiki Workshops and Online Distance Healing NOW AVAILABLE.  Click HERE to book. 


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